R & D Profile

IndianOil's sprawling Research & Development Centre at Faridabad near Delhi is one of Asia's finest, and plays a key role in supporting the Corporation's business interests by developing economical, environment friendly technology solutions. Established in 1972, it has delivered pioneering results & won recognition for four decades of pioneering work in lubricants formulation, refinery processes, pipeline transportation, alternative fuels and fuel efficient appliances, and holds 384 active patents, of which 233 are international patents.

The vibrant research undertaken by the Centre in tribology is showcased by IndianOil's SERVO product line, with over 4,000 lubricant & grease formulations to suit all conceivable applications. The Centre has also developed several in-house refinery process technologies and catalysts to suit Indian conditions. Its alternative energy programmes include bio-energy, solar energy, Hydrogen energy, H-CNG blends, synthetic fuels and shale oil. The Centre is also focussed on cutting-edge research in the areas of nanotechnology, petrochemicals & polymers, coal gasification/ liquefaction, and gas-to-liquid technologies.

For more information on IndianOil’s R&D activities, please visit R&D’s page at www.iocl.com